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The use of calcium carbonate(caco3) in the manufacture of p v c is a must for the production of long-term pipes, without corrosion or leakage compared to pipes made of cast iron and copper. Calcium carbonate(caco3) improves the basic properties of polyvinyl chloride as it adds rigidity to the polymer matrix, and improves shock resistance; the smaller the calcium carbonate(caco3) particle size. Calcium carbonate(caco3) also improves the accumulated performance by stabilizing the various components in the p v c powder mixture and improving processing by making the polymer more uniform. Calcium carbonate(caco3) helps to reduce the cost as it replaces components that increase the cost in the composition of the. Calcium carbonate(caco3) of 2_3 micron size is used to eliminate the impact rate in large diameter pipes. Because it is difficult to eliminate the effect rate in a small diameter tube, the calcium carbonate(caco3) composition of 1_2 microns can be used. the calcium carbonate(caco3) filler has an effect on the strength of the P Vc compound. Therefore, Milestone provides a wide range of calcium carbonate(caco3) particle sizes that serve the plastic pipe industry and the applications of the p v c compound.

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