• Milestone products are considered as a high standard in terms of quality, as well as competitive prices.
  • Milestone  characterized as well by the highest level in terms of integrated production, where it is all stages of the product inside the company’s factory beginning of raw material origin and then to pass all the manufacturing stages of processing, dyeing, embroidery, engraving, storage, packaging, and quality control precision at every stage separately to be up to his image of high quality in the end.


  • Export of minerals extracted from the Egyptian mountains
    High quality in the fastest time and lowest cost 
    There are our own leased quarries
  • Export of chemicals Specializes in chemicals.
    Chairman of work Over 10 years of experience in chemicals

Why Us


We offer our products at competitive prices aimed primarily at spreading these products and satisfying customers and achieving a fair price commensurate with the quality of the target product.


milestone Company has the presence of a specialized team to monitor the quality of the products in which the company deals locally or for foreign markets, produced by the company or dealing with the agency system, which ensures that the products reach the customers with the agreed quality which is suitable to the international markets and different cultures.


The use of specialists and experts in various fields needed by the company to integrate the spirit of youth and scientific and practical experiences

Milestone Egypt Co

A group of Egyptian companies has many activities in textiles, mining and agricultural crops,

We have specialists in every field with a high degree of efficiency to produce a product with international specifications to suit foreign markets and international trade.

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