Milestone for export chemicals & mining

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Milestone Egypt Co

An Egyptian company with a specialized chemist and qualified team to provide efficient service to all over the world. we have our own quarries to extract minerals and produce a high-quality product (about 100% pure ) and packing with international specifications to our customers

Milestone Egypt Co




Export of chemicals ,Specialize in chemicals .
Chairman of work Over 10 years of experience in chemicals


Export of minerals extracted from the Egyptian mountains
High quality in the fastest time and lowest cost 
There are our own leased quarries


Why Us


We train staff and improve the working environment constantly to improve communication and performance, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers


We offer our products at competitive prices aimed primarily at spreading these products and satisfying customers and achieving a fair price commensurate with the quality of the target product.


milestone Company has the presence of a specialized team to monitor the quality of the products in which the company deals locally or for foreign markets, produced by the company or dealing with the agency system, which ensures that the products reach the customers with the agreed quality which is suitable to the international markets and different cultures.


Milestone  offers customer satisfaction to anything else.


Dealing with the ambitious youth companies in the internal and external markets, which seeks to progress and continuous improvement, which has certified quality certificates and has a quality team of its own.


The use of specialists and experts in various fields needed by the company to integrate the spirit of youth and scientific and practical experiences

Milestone Egypt Co

One of the leading companies in the field of import and export And the company was founded on a set of objectives, including :
Provide the best service to customers , Fully meeting the needs of customers,
Honesty and clarity and transparency in all dealings And by improving ourselves to be the source of confidence for many companies throughout the world and all this through the possession of good and well-qualified team to provide the best services, high levels of quality, which leads to access to the highest degree of customer satisfaction

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